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What Happens When You’re in Love With The Wrong Person

The heart wants what it wants, but sometimes it wants what it shouldn’t. Logic tells us it’s wrong and it’s a constant battle of will and emotions.

What should you do? Suppress it? Give in? Pray on it? It’s not a one size fit all answer. Furthermore, it’s a challenge to love or desire someone who isn’t right for you or are in a committed relationship.

There are plenty of songs written about this very situation, “I’m So Into You,” by SWV, Con Fun Shun’s “Love Train,” and Bobby Womack’s “I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much,” this song is about a man who desire’s his best friend’s wife–now that is a definite no-no when comes to the matters of the heart.

Giving in to these emotions can cause unintended consequences and hurt feelings. More than likely it’s best to remove yourself from the situation or limit the amount of time you are around the person you have feelings for. That way you can get your emotions in check or at least try to.

Has there been a time you had feelings for someone you shouldn’t? How did you handle it? Were your feelings ever resolved?

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