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We've all dealt with betrayal at some point in our lives, be it from a friend, co-worker, relative, or a lover.

Merriam Webster defines betrayal as the violation of a person's trust or confidence.

Betrayal can cut deep and leave lasting scars making it hard to trust again. There are unhealthy and healthy ways to deal with betrayal. One of the unhealthy ways is to carry the pain and hurt, holding grudges and spewing your pain on unsuspecting people, who have nothing to do with the hurt you’re feeling. This leads to negative thoughts, isolation and even depression. A healthy way is to process the pain, reflect and learn from it. Understand that everyone isn't out to get you and apply the lessons to future relationships.

Betrayal can lead us to cut a person from our lives or keep them at a distance. However, you choose to deal with it make sure it’s healthy.

Was there a time you were betrayed? How did you handle it? What lessons did you learn?

You can also purchase my debut novel, The Casanova Killer and see how the characters handle betrayal.

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