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Erin R. Hodges

Author of The Casanova Killer


While many see writing as a favorite pastime or hobby, she strives to build a lucrative full- time career with the power of her pen. For Erin Hodges, whether she is reading the hottest new release, or writing her next bestseller, she holds a special place in her heart for all things literary. Intuitive, a woman of quiet strength, confident and a no-nonsense go-getter is how many describe her. After years of encouragement and motivation from her mother to write and enter writing contests, Erin once only dreamed of becoming a published author—but now, that dream has manifested. Motivated by the freedom of time, coupled with the artistic free flow of creativity, she looks forward to the day when she can focus solely on pen and prose, making a lucrative living through her writing.


Expert Writing Services mission is to provide quality editing and writing services at an affordable cost to enhance our client's brand and advance their message in a concise way. Our vision is to start locally here in Metro Detroit and to eventually become a trusted national brand specializing in editing and writing services.







Erin Hodges has helped me in my professional career as well as my dessert business, Royal Cheesecake  & Varieties, Erin edited my announcements, e-mails to potential clients, and news releases. 

In my teaching career, Erin reviewed and edited my written communication to parents, staff, and  potential employers. 

Erin’s assistance has allowed me to receive exposure to my clientele as well as have objective  communication with no regrets to my audience. 


Co-Owner of Royal Cheesecake & Varieties and Middle School Math Teacher

She is excellent at what she does. I would write papers for a variety of topics during my high school and  college days. She articulated what I expressed in my head to paper. I would receive A’s and B’s, I  received compliments from my professors and teachers. Erin is good at her creative juices especially  with writing


Nurse’s Aide and Former WCCCD student

Ms. Hodges is an excellent editor. With her help I was able to get good grades on my papers. She was  able to identify grammatical errors and sentence structures that helped my papers read well. Based on  my experiences, Ms. Hodges editing skills are strong and concise. I would recommend Ms. Hodges if you  need help with your papers. 


DCF Social Worker and Former Eastern Michigan University Grad Student

A few years ago, I hired Erin Hodges as an Editor for a fictional novel called “The Game.” She made  thorough notes, asked pertinent questions, and finished in a timely manner. Myself and the author  were pleased. 


HR Director 

The Casanova Killer

Death, in itself, is a mystery.

But when one experiences multiple deaths consecutively, that mystery now becomes more convoluted. In this twisted, roller coaster ride of emotions, when Geraldine Brentwood’s fiancé, and even her ex-lovers, start dropping like flies, she unexpectedly becomes the prime suspect. Even though each of them broke a piece of her heart that seemingly could never be replaced, she is yet in the process of clearing her name as the one who has done the unthinkable.

In this literary masterpiece, The Cassanova Killer, author Erin Hodges takes readers on a murder mystery journey of love and life lessons that seem like too much for one person to bear. As Geraldine learns to stop looking for love in all the wrong places, she finds herself befriending someone who may not exactly have her best interest at heart, to say the least. Filled with heartbreak, heartache, betrayal and backstabbing, readers will be left on the edges of their seats as they indulge in this page turner from beginning to end.

When it’s all said and done, will Geraldine yield to the world’s definition of love, or will she awaken to her authentic greatness within and love herself as she is unapologetically and unafraid?

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